The Beauty of Bulletproof Coffee

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that fairy tales aren’t real. I drink a potion made from magic beans every day, and it brings me back to life.
-Nanea Hoffman

If you’re anything like me than we would bond over the fact that mornings are rough – at least during the week. On a weekend – sure! – I can wake up and enjoy the slowness of the empty city streets, but not M-F. Despite this, I try as hard as I can to get in my morning workouts routinely so that I either a. don’t have to feel rushed to leave work later on that evening or b. can come home and enjoy some quality time with my hubb. Actually, let me be honest – quality time will my pupp Tucker. As we all know, the first few days of jumping into a morning workout routine can be tough. Once you make it through the actual non-snoozing of your alarm you also have to battle the increased hunger and afternoon energy crash throughout the day. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial – ‘UNTIL NOW!…’.

My hubb introduced Bulletproof coffee to me several times – when he first heard of it, when he made a trip to the store to pick up all of the necessary ingredients, and finally when he detailed the successes he heard noted from coworkers who added this to their daily routine. Living off of Melanie Whelan’s, CEO of Soul Cycle, theory of if you hear of something three times you need to either try it, eat it, or see it – I tried it! First of all, it tastes DELICIOUS. Like a blended, frothy latte made right in your kitchen with nothing more than a standard blender. Secondly, it honestly and truly works. I had increased energy throughout the entire day which lasted well beyond when I returned back home after working hours. It also cut down on my hunger which is normally through the roof by noon after a workout. Placebo effect? Nope. This has proven true on a repetitive basis. Try it for yourself! Just blend together the three main ingredients noted below, add a bit of cinnamon on top or in the mixture, and TADA!

  • 12 oz. brewed coffee
  • Two tablespoons of MCT Oil
  • Two tablespoons of grass-fed butter
  • Cinnamon to taste – and to make it look fancy
  • Cacao Powder optional (not recommended for your first go-around)

Link below for more details!

I know what you’re thinking…butter?! You heard it right! I am endorsing it! Apparently the fat within the butter prolongs the caffeine spikes that coffee gives us. So rather than needing cup number two or three as an afternoon pick-me-up, your first cup will last you far into the working hours of your day. Until this, I had never deliberately used MCT oil for anything – but the benefits are HUGE! Not only does this stimulate brain activity it also reduces the chance of your stomach growling when your meeting turns quiet for a brief moment. We’ve all been there! Best of all, with keeping your coffee intake to one quality cup a day you can spend the rest of the day hydrating from your early morning sweat session!

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