About the Girl

Outrun like a girl. Run. Travel faster. Travel further. Go beyond. Exceed. LIKE A GIRL.

The definition speaks for itself. For any of you out there who have ever thrown a ball, passed a football, or swung a club in a manner that may be referred to as “like a girl”. GOOD.FOR.YOU. I promise you that the purpose of me being here is not to go on continuous pro-women rants – it most certainly is not and if you knew me, that is not my nature. However, the definition of this saying is so boldly representative of why I am here I need to explain. Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I run (repeat marathon runner, in fact). And yes, I do outrun. No, I do not outrun in everything that I do, in every situation, or even once a day – but it certainly does happen. Whether I am traveling the world, training for a race, reading a good book, or sitting at home in ugly pajamas holding my dog’s paw – I TRY to outrun – and when I can’t, I sit in awe of the people I surround myself with who do. So let’s take some time to talk about what makes us great, the places we have seen that put us in awe, and all things possible that make us feel like we can exceed as we were meant to!

Well, with that said – welcome! Here we are. After months of my husband believing in me more than I wanted to believe in myself (this is a constant) and encouraging me to start my own blog, here I am typing away. You see, I have a lot of thoughts. The interesting part is that none of these thoughts ever formulate correctly until I have a pen to paper – or in this case, fingers to keys. My passion for writing started when I was very young and somewhere along the way I must have forgotten this love as I became a successful CPA focusing more on additions and subtractions than punctuation and grammar. Nonetheless, writing still makes me feel like I can transform into a witty, crowd-pleasing story teller from my slow-to-warm-up personality paired with my slow-to-understand-a-charade brain. So as I said – “Welcome!” – and I hope you enjoy my journey!