10 Workout Moves For When You Just Want To Netflix and Chill

Hi all! It’s me with a pre-workout ‘Hello’! With all of the crazy weather we’ve been having in Chicago lately I wanted to share some of my go-to workout moves for a quick session where you don’t even have to leave the ground! You can plop down right in front of your latest Netflix binge, stay out of the cold, and finish this routine in less than 30 minutes with nothing more than a resistance band. This hits on all of my focus areas – butt, lower abs, and hips (very important to support my weak knees)! I am by no means an expert or trainer – just a girl sharing some rainy day tips on a routine that keeps me on track! Some of these movements are my favorites that I’ve taken out of Pure Barre Classes! You should try it for yourself!
Also, please enjoy my dog Tucker’s photo bombing!
Exercise 1
Place the resistance band around your thighs, just above your knees, with your feet and thighs pressed together. Open your knees as wide as you can while, keeping your feet in place, and bring your knees back together. Perform this same movement with your feet hip width and feet slightly wider than your hips with your toes pointed out.
Perform this 50 times for each foot placement.
Exercise 2
Lay on your side with your hips tucked under. Bend your knees and place your knees on the floor. Lift your feet off of the ground behind you and open and close your legs while holding your feet elevated and toes touching. You should feel this right where your hip meets your butt.
Repeat this 25 times on each side.
Exercise 3
Change positions to be all on fours with your hips tucked under and a slight bend in your elbows. Bend and lift one leg to be parallel with the ground while squaring your hips down and then bring it back down to meet your other knee.
Repeat 25 times on each side.
Exercise 4, 5, & 6
-Straighten your leg at hip height straight behind you, tap the floor with your toes, and lift while flexing your butt.
-Bend your leg to 90 degrees with your foot aiming to stamp the ceiling. Stamp your foot upwards by squeezing your behind to initiate the movement – this should be a very small movement.
-Bring your knee in towards your chest and then stamp your foot back up to the ceiling.
Repeat each movement 25 times on each side.
Exercise 7
Straighten your leg behind you and create an ‘M’ shape in the air by raising your leg and lowering to the right then raising your leg and lowering to the left.
Repeat this 25 times.
Exercise 8
Rest back on your elbows with your chest pushed upwards. Extend your legs on the diagonal with your feet wider than your hips, bring your legs together, then pull your legs in.
Repeat this movement 25 times.
Exercise 9
You can complete this routine by wrapping the resistance band around both ankles or adding an ankle weight to your working leg. Lay on your side completely straight as if your back was pressing against a wall. Lift your leg straight up and down. You should feel this in your hip.
Repeat this 25 times on each side.
Exercise 10
Lay on your back with your shoulders slightly off of the floor. Make sure your lower back remains on the ground. Your toes should be touching and knees apart. Lower your legs down to the point of control and lift.
Repeat this 25 times.